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Drum Cover


    Drum Cover Features & Benefits
  • Eliminates Contamination
  • Increases Profits
  • Easy Installation
  • Unique Design
  • One Size Fits all Drums
  • Use on Any Size of drum from 47.5 to 60 cm
  • Special openings for regrind and other custom applications
  • Both positive and negative pressure versions available


Drum Covers prevent your raw material from becoming contaminated from air born dirt, dust, and other unwanted debris.

Drum covers are easy to install and remove and the universal sizing means fewer covers are required to fit a wider variety of drums.  If you don't see a standard size that meets your needs, we will make one for you, including special sizes for your regrind applications.  Wand openings in all covers have a zipper so they can be closed when not in use. They also have an elastic sock where the wand is inserted. In addition to the standard sizes, we will make special configurations to your precise requirements. We can add larger wand openings for regrind applications, multiple wand openings and special covers with no wand openings to protect yourstored material in-between jobs.

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