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Nitto Kohki Quick Connect Coplings


  • Nitto Kohki Quick Connect Coupling
  • Quenched special steel body! Powerful impact resistance, especially against impulses.
  • Valve designed to suppress pressure loss, particularly suitable for hydraulic applications which need big fluid flow rates.
  • Automatic shut-off valves in both socket and plug prevent fluid spill out on disconnection.Easy to handle.
  • In Addition to conventional female thread type, male thread types(male taper thread, parallel male thread with 30 flare, and parallel male thread with 30 cone-seat) are newly added.Male thread types are designed especially for direct connection to hydraulic power units effectively.
  • Parallel male thread type compiles with both metal seal and O-ring seal.(In case of O-ring available in the market can be used).
  • HSP-DC Cuplas are available for diecasting machine applications with severe pressure variation.
  • The overall length of male thread type is shorter than that of female thread type plus conversion nipple available in the market.
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