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Gefron Linear Scale PK Rodless



  • The transducer has been improved in order to guarantee greater reliability under all conditions.
  • Mechanical linkage using joint with take up of play, M5 thread.
  • Installation is made simpler by the absence of electrical signal variation in output, outside the Theoretical Electrical Stroke.
  • The new grooves provide an excellent alternative to the usual system of fastening with brackets.
  • Ideal for applications on plastic injection presses, vertical presses, and on many other processing machines
  • Grade of protection IP40

  •   Part Code :  
    LT-M-0050-P-XL0202 PK-M-0100-XL0327
    LT-M-0075-P-XL0202 PK-M-0130-XL0327
    LT-M-0100-P-XL0202 PK-M-0150-XL0327
    LT-M-0130-P-XL0202 PK-M-0175-XL0327
    LT-M-0150-P-XL0202 PK-M-0200-XL0327
    LT-M-0175-P-XL0202 PK-M-0225-XL0327
    LT-M-0200-P-XL0202 PK-M-0250-XL0327
    LT-M-0225-P-XL0202 PK-M-0300-XL0327
    LT-M-0250-P-XL0202 PK-M-0350-XL0327
    LT-M-0275-P-XL0202 PK-M-0360-XL0327
    LT-M-0300-P-XL0202 PK-M-0400-XL0327
    LT-M-0350-P-XL0202 PK-M-0450-XL0327
    LT-M-0375-P-XL0202 PK-M-0500-XL0327
    LT-M-0400-P-XL0202 PK-M-0600-XL0327


Gefran now offers its customers another service: download 3D models of Gefran sensors
In constant contact with its customers when creating and designing applications, Gefran now satisfies their specific needs by providing a new, extremely useful and effective tool.
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